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What's Awana?

Awana is an international, Bible-centered, children's and youth ministry providing local churches with weekly clubs, programs, and training for students. Our Awana program takes place on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:15 pm throughout the school year. We also invite you and your family to join us for a monthly church dinner, normally the 1st Wednesday of the month starting at 5:30 pm.  Please enter door #5 - it's in the back parking lot by the playground. 


PGCC offers three different Awana Clubs:


         Cubbies - Preschool children ages 3-5 (2 years prior to Kindergarten)

         Sparks - Children in Grades K-2

         T&T (Truth & Training) - Children in Grades 3-5/6


Each of our clubs includes Bible verse memorization and fun Bible-centered activities.



Books of the Bible Song

These are the songs that we sing during our club nights to help the clubbers memorize the books of the Bible






Links for Parents 

  • Family Life is dedicated to helping people change the world one home at a time and they offer a multitude of resources to help individuals and families, marriages, and parents.

  • Focus on the Family offers many resources to "help families thrive."

  • Answers in Genesis is an organization that strives to proclaim the truth of the Bible with absolute authority and strengthen believers in their faith. They offer a great many resources on a variety of subjects, including answers to many questions that people have about how the Bible fits with Science.

  • Plugged In offers detailed reviews from a Christian perspective on current movies, videos, music, TV shows, and video games. 


Links for Kids

  • Children's Bible Hour Ministries has many old-time radio-style dramas and a free devotional that you can request via mail or read online.

  • Whit' has links to their Christian kids' radio dramas and many other fun games and activities.

  • Jonathan Park is a Christian Radio drama that is full of action and adventure. This website offers links to the episodes as well as other fun games and activities. 


Books of the Bible - OT (1)
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Books of the Bible - NT (1)
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Pastor Jeremy
Vander Galien
Awana Commander

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