Student Ministry Trip to Minneapolis

JUNE 23-25, 2017 - $100/student


This weekend trip to Minneapolis seeks to provide students with opportunities to grow in their faith through evangelism, service, and worship. We will be partnering with various different ministries to create a variety of spiritual and practical experiences for students to be challenged in their faith and to grow in their understanding of missions. Since this trip includes more intensive outreach and service elements, an application must be filled out to be considered for the trip and the PGSM leadership will make the decision based on this and relationship to the student as to whether this trip will be a fit for them.



We will leave Pine Grove Church around 9AM on Friday, June 23rd and return around 9PM on Sunday, June 25th. The cost is $100/student, though there are scholarships available for those who are interested. Applications and money are due by June 1st. More information to follow.

Download Application